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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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michelle: dozens turnout to member a local teen shot and killed at her home over the weekend. we will to you by the team now facing charges for her murder. he also the latest on the search for a driver who killed it by sciquest and kept on going. president obama continues his historic trip to cuba. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: good morning, i michelle imperato. let' s getting you
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as we peek outside to take me look at downtown orlando. amy sweezey is back with us on a monday morning. we are back to those cool mornings. amy: we have a cool morning ahead. temperatures are nowhere near done dropping yet. 50' s and most of the area now. a lot of us make it into the 40' s before we start to climb with the sunshine. sunrise doesn' t happen until 7:28. we have cool air coming in behind the front and people end up lots of sunshine. it will be breezy and dries her temperatures climb. we are headed to the mid to upper 60' s. it is 56 in daytona beach. 60 -- 58 sanford and we dropped to 52 in ocala and the villages. windy conditions, look at these winds out of the northwest. 10, even 20 miles per hour sustained winds. it feels colder than actually is. a little cloud cover from orlando south. the clouds will continue to
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and up with plenty of sunshine and our highs only recover to the mid to upper 60' s. 66 longwood and a veto 67 orlando in winter park. mid-to-upper 60' s expected along the coast. 67 today in palm bay. it is about 4:32, let' s get an early check of the roads. ted: a crash on i four westbound right by michigan street has a left lane blocked going through there. not a huge impact as traffic is flowing nicely. i-4 eastbound approaching the area passed before a weight, a left lane taken out. that goes through portion of downtown orlando. can' t get onto i-4 eastbound from 535. >> i don' know, i don' understand why she had to leave michelle: a community comes together to remember a 15-year-old who was shot and killed. friends and family held a vigil in destiny bargman' s apopka neighborhood last night.
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s death. he is now charged with murder. wesh 2 had the only news crew in juvenile court as he made his first appearance yesterday. and as wesh 2' s amanda ober reports, dozens of people turned out to remember the wekiva high freshman last night. >> all my baby, lord. >> the mother of 15-year-old destiny bargman could barely stand as friends and relatives surrounded her to pray. >> lord god we know you can heal them. >> police say bargmana was shot and killed inside her apopka home saturday by a 16-year-old boy. that boy, whom wesh 2 news is not identifying because he' s a minor, stood before a judge sunday on a charge of 2nd degree murder. the judge noted that while it appeared the shooting was not premeditated, the consequences may be severe. >> you may be waived over as an
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if you get convicted of that charge, there is a possibility you' ll spend the rest of your natural life in a state penitentiary. >> as for what lead to the shooting, relatives claim the gun used to shoot bargman belonged to the 16-year-old suspect and that she may have been shot as part of some dangerous game. >> she was in a secretly relationship with this young man and he was very violent. like i was just shown pictures of some of these boys on their facebook' s with guns, right in the camera. they play with these things like it' s nothing and i guess they be abusive to these girls like it' s nothing and when they are threatening these young girls, they are serious. >> destiny leads five siblings binding lots of friends. >> she was one of the special little angels and i don' t know why -- i don' t understand why should you leave. michelle: that was amanda ober, that 16-year-old boy accused in bargman' s shooting death was ordered held in juvenile
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state attorney decides whether he will be charged as an adult. meantime, destiny bargman' s family says it' s making plans for her funeral which will be held in st. petersburg. right now, the search is on to find the driver who left a man dead on a brevard county road. the 54-year-old was killed in merritt island just south of a1a while crossing courtenay parkway near spruce avenue. troopers say the victim fell off his bike and as he was trying to get back up, the vehicle slammed into him. the driver never stopped. witnesses told troopers it was possibly a pickup truck. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. you can call 1-800-423-tips. we' re following breaking news out of alachua county. deputies and gainesville police have shot and killed a man at a complex, not far from the university of florida. the sheriff' s office says robert dentmond was carrying a rifle around and threatened to kill himself. deputies and officers warned him that he would be shocked if
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they opened fire when they say he refused and walked towards an occupied apartment. dentmond died at the hospital. the officers and deputies involved are on administrative leave, as fdle investigates. in orange county, investigation is underway into a deadly house fire. flames ripped through the home on pine way drive near texas avenue on sunday afternoon. a neighbor and his son try to save the man inside but the flames were too much. >> i tried to go inside, i opened up the door and smoke i couldn' t get in any further and flames were coming out of the windows. so i jumped the fence and grabbed a house from the next-door neighbor and tried to start putting the flames out. michelle: the victim has not been identified and neighbors believe the man had a disability that may have made it difficult for him to escape. arrest in a strip club. deputies say 28-year-old louis
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and attempted murder. deputies also identify the man who killed -- who was killed as 35-year-old carlos enrique cruz. two others were injured in the shooting early sunday morning outside the diamond club on north semoran boulevard. deputies say three groups of bikers were involved in a fight before the shooting. we' re following breaking news from overseas. south korea' s news agency says north korea has fired a missile and several other short-range projectiles into the waters off of its east coast. the report launches come three days after south korea said the north fired a medium-range missile into the see for the first time since early 2014. and as north korea has condemned ongoing annual south korean u.s. military drills that it sees as invasion were her soul. president obama is making history as he visits cuba. he, the first lady lady, and dozens of u.s. lawmakers arrived in the u.s. -- the communist country sunday afternoon. today, he will meet with president raul castro. they' ll discuss improving u.s. cuban relations, despite deep
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jay gray is following this story from cuba. >> after a visit to old havana late yesterday, including a stop at the city' s famous cathderal, with first lady michelle, and daughters sasha and malia, this morning president obama' s focus will shift from tourist to the business of a renewed relationship between his country and cuba. the president will lay a wreath at the memorial to jose marti, the cuban poet honored as a hero for his role in the country' s fight for freedom from spain. later there will be a -- an official state welcome from keep president raul castro and a bilateral meeting between the two leaders. where the white house says the president will be candid about areas of disagreement, including human rights practices. but for many here the topic isn' t as important as the fact the two sides are talking again, -- talking again. >> is interesting that it is a
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north american government. >> third generation cab driver judais cordero hopes the president will take a close look at the country she is so proud of. >> i like convicted he gets to know our country. our story, our country, how beautiful it is. it' s touristy traction so we can shared with everyone else. >> a beauty and culture hidden from most americans, for more than 50 years. jay gray nbc news havana, cuba. michelle: while speaking in south florida last night, republican front-runner donald trump said president obama should have come back to the u.s. after not being greeted by cuban president raul castro. >> i mean we are amateur hour. amateur hour. and honestly, obama should turned the plane around and left. michelle: the president' s deputy national security adviser said the white house isn' t taking offense to castro not being there. he said the cubans consider today' s ceremony with presidents
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we will have continuing coverage s trip to cuba throughout the day here on wesh -- begins over the children of missing mother michelle parker, her mother is suing the kids' father dale smith for visitation rights. yvonne stewart says she hasn' t seen her grandchildren since parker disappeared more than three years ago, she filed the -- more than three years ago. she filed the lawsuit last november under a grandparents rights bill she helped pass last year. smith was the only main suspect in parker' s disappearance. stewart is also suing him for wrongful death. covering brevard county, a man is charged of attempted murder, accused of stabbing his girlfriend with a screwdriver. melbourne police say jean lauriston got into a fight with his live-in girlfriend in a tent behind their home on wisteria drive. she was seriously injured after being stabbed in her neck and back. police say they searched for lauriston after arriving at the
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he later turned himself in. another fantastic finish at the arnold palmer invitational. this year' s winner talks about what arnold his mentor the gain of golf -- game of golf. a live look outside on the
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amy: good morning and welcome
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we are headed to the mid to upper 60' s today. a whole different story on this monday morning then we have this weekend. we have a front that moved through and now some cooler air is working in behind that front. we will get lots of sunshine today, a little bit of cloud cover to the south that will be clearing out is the temperature slowly climb. we are still going to drop this morning. 59 orlando and 63 melbourne. as the cloud clearance -- clouds clear. our temperatures will drop your sunshine -- through sunrise. to the north we have mainly clear skies and drier air in the middle part of the atmosphere is starting to work its way and. that is the orange color that you see out there. quite a bit of moisture to the south. our temperatures today will make
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with plenty of sun. it will be breezy today as well and that is going to send the pollen all over the area. pollen count is pretty high. it had started little bit tomorrow and wednesday. time for traffic, here is ted noah. ted: the of a crash on i-4 westbound. just past kaylee and before michigan street. use caution. it is not causing a big delay. same thing with i-4 ultimate road work through the downtown orlando area past the 408. a left lane blocked from part two princeton street. construction has the eastbound on-ramp blocked from 535 to i-4. use 536 instead. michelle: a week after bike week ended in daytona beach, a tampa area man is finally going home after finding his beloved pet parrot. this is one of the most-watched videos on our website,
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motorcycle a week ago while he -- when he went into a nearby bar. when he came back out, she was gone. witnesses say they tried to chase after the thief but could not catch them. but yesterday, everything changed. >> i got a call from ellen from the seminole county parrot rescue sanctuary in geneva and she had me at and if i the bird and she said a gentleman dropped off the bird and a phone number and wanted to be anonymous. michelle: mike is giving thanks to everyone who played a role in finding spyke. another great ending to the arnold palmer invitational at bay hill yesterday. jason day had positioned himself as the man to beat. the aussie star led after each of the first three rounds, and took a two shot advantage into the final round. day came into the day in front of the pack at 15 under. but kevin chappel and troy merritt quickly caught up. we want to take you to the 14th hole. merit goes for a fifth birdie in a row and sinks it from the bunker.
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then on the 16th, day uses a soft touch and knocks down a birdie to bring him to 17-under a tie with chappel. ,but on the 18th,chappel misses 18th, a long put for par and ends up with a bogey. day gets his par for 17 under and that gives him the big win . and it is -- and it is his first win at bay hill. chappel finished one behind, followed by troy merritt and henrik stenson. wesh 2' s pat clarke talked to the new champion as he was presented his trophy. >> that up and down here at 18, could you tell us about that. that was rather incredible. >> obviously -- i' m -- it made it very interesting today. grounded out on the backside. told muscle to be patient. once you get the chance to try
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to get that birdie. to get that par on the last hole. >> jason you know that most every golfer in the world has been touched in some way by arnold palmer how has inspired you in your life? >> the king. i said it earlier in my press on tuesday that he was the true innovator of the game of golf. he was the guy that put golf on the map for us. without his input into the game of golf, there may not be the next generation of players. michelle: this was day' s eighth pga tour victory. despite a 21 point game from evan fournier and victor oladipo. the magic couldn' t take down the raptors on sunday. they lost 105-100. tonight they' ll be in boston to
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next on sunrise, was behind that huge spike in gas prices.
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o michelle: it' s going to cost you more to get to school or work this week. gas prices are going up. the average price of -- for a gallon of regular has jumped $.17 over the last two weeks. it' s jumped almost $.25 per gallon over the past four weeks. analysts say the prices are
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demand. in florida, the average is at two point 03 dollars. in orlando you will pay little less at two dollars. that is still $.18 from last week. in daytona beach it will cost you apple fans listen up. $2.01. unveil some new products. ceo tim cook is expected to announce a smaller version of the iphone, followed by a smaller version of the ipad pro. from volusia county this morning, we' re getting video of a scare at new smyrna beach. beachgoers saw what looked like a shark in the water. in this video you can see what a thin. people are telling us -- telling others to get out of the water. according to the person you sent us this video, a 10 to 12 foot the shore around sunset you can view more pictures and
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section of still ahead, your first alert forecast. let' s give you a live look
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michelle: we working on new stories for 5:00 brett connolly hour. joins us from the newsroom with a preview. brett: a deadly hit-and-run in brevard county. a man was hit and killed while riding his bicycle in merritt island, we are live at the scene with the latest on the search for the driver who hit the victim, and kept on going, -- going. dozens turn out to remember a local teen, killed in a shooting -- gunned down at home. we will tell you but the teenager accused in the charges he faces. following more violence at one of his rallies, donald trump getting ready to meet with public and leaders as rumors of
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michelle: see you in a few minutes. let' s get another check of your weather at waking up this morning walking outside, very different from the end of last week. amy: yesterday we were in the 80' s despite the fact that we had clouds and rain of the weekend, our temperatures were still warm. now today we have changes in store as the 80' s go away and the 60' s return for afternoon highs. we are supposed to be in the mid to upper 70' s and instead today we will be about 10 degrees cooler than average. as we recover back only in the mid to upper 60' s. the sunshine. us out but all that cool air coming in behind yesterday' s front will really bring those temperatures down. limited needed to 50 in ocala, 56 in orlando. the cool air has been coming in. the temperatures will keep dropping through sunrise which doesn' t happen until almost 7:30. it will feel even colder than it actually is because of the wind.
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those of the sustained wind speeds. it feels much colder than it actually is. we will continue with that cool breeze coming in out of the north, but we will have dry air which means we will have plenty of sunshine and that of course will have those temperatures climb despite the fact it -- that all that cool air is coming in. we will make it to 66 in eustis and 67 in clermont. 66 in longwood and oviedo. we will climb to 67 and st. cloud. 68 today in halle pop. -- holop aw. 64 flagler beach and 67 in palm bay. at the beach today, i know it is spring break, there will be so much sunshine. make sure you have your sunscreen and also look out in the water. we have a high risk for rip current. that' s well coming in very
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those richer strong as the tide heads out. that' ll happen around 10:00 a.m.. during the heat of the day when most of us are at the beach. we will -- tomorrow will be sunny and dry again. not as windy as the ridge of high pressure moves in a little closer. on wednesday as the wind starts to shift around we will get a couple of clouds beginning to building and the moisture start gradually returning. as we get into thursday, the 80' s will return as we get a southeast breeze coming in and a slight chance for showers on thursday. into next weekend we have another front going to approach. it will stall at like next weekend -- like last weekend. right now it is traffic time, let' s go to ted noah. ted: a crash on i-4 westbound near michigan street has wrapped up. we do still have some construction and pockets on i-4. one of those would be -- this one wrapped up 535 getting onto
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there is still a spot here around the 408 until 50 with an eastbound lane taken out. wesh 2 sunrise continues. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. brett: right now on sunrise, a driver who had a man on the run. >> oh my baby, lord. michelle: heartbreak for family members and students at a local high school. what the of learned about the suspect accused of shooting and killing a 15-year-old girl. more on that story moments away. thank you for joining us, i michelle imperato. brett: i' m brett connolly in for jason guy. want to start you with a live
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it will feel much cooler out the door compared to maybe some of those 90 degree temperatures we had around last week. the wind is picking up today. amy: we've got temperatures a whole lot colder this morning than yesterday, and we're not done dropping yet. the cool air has been filtering in the last several hours. the skies are beginning to clear. northern spots are clear. we still have a little cloud cover to the south. as we head through the day, we get to sunrise at 7:28, our temperatures will keep dropping we will only recover into the mid to upper sibblingts today. so a whole lot cooler for highs compared to, of course, yes, last night and over the weekend when we were in the 80's. 51 right now in palm coast. 55 now in sanford. we've drot to 56 in orlando. still 60 in melbourne where we have a little more cloud cover, and we are going to feel those winds this morning no matter where you're headed out. 10, 15, even up to 20 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts


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